You probably have some in your home already, tucked in the back of a drawer, or collecting dust on random shelves. You know they do SOMETHING but the problem is you don’t actually know what to do with them once you get them home.

Well, you’re in the right place! From my home on Ibiza, I work with individuals and businesses around the world, guiding people on how they can use crystals in practical and easy-to-follow ways.

Through my Crystal Guidance & Coaching Sessions I show how crystals can be awesome tools and worked with in a variety of ways to achieve results – fast.

I run regular Crystal Manifestation Grid Workshops on Ibiza where I demonstrate the process of setting intentions and creating grids to support the manifestation process.

I create bespoke Crystal Manifestation Grids to support my clients, who are consciously working to manifest specific dreams, goals and desires.

I also offer deliciously relaxing Crystal Healing Sessions which address a variety of physical and emotional issues. I offer these sessions to private clients and at various retreats on the island.

Interested in learning how you can use your crystals to free yourself from anxiety and worry, or how to use crystals for energetic protection? I have created Online Courses covering these topics.

I also teach bespoke Crystal Healing Courses, tailored to each individual client, and am in the process of writing a Beginner’s Guide To Working With Crystals, which will be available at the end of September?

Drop me a message if you’d like to be one of the first to receive details about this Guide.

Crystal Guidance & Coaching Sessions

Crystal Guidance & Coaching Sessions ~ via Skype or in person ~ are a combination of intuitive coaching and practical, easy-to-follow crystal advice.  Each session is tailored to your unique situation, with the aim of achieving your desired outcome.

Individual sessions can be booked and, in addition, I offer the following 6 week Crystal Guidance & Coaching Packages:

  • Manifest Your Goals
  • Self-Love and Emotional Healing
  • Increased Energy and Positivity
  • Energetic Protection


Crystal Healing Sessions

Crystal Healing is non-invasive and extremely relaxing. Crystals are placed on and around the body to create a feeling of peace, stillness and tranquility.

Crystal Healing Sessions help to balance your energy, leaving you relaxed and calmly centred which, in addition, leads to improved rest and sleep.

My Crystal Healing Sessions are a combination of Reiki, Reconnective healing energy and crystals chosen specifically for each client.

Enjoy a blissful hour of deep relaxation and experience the healing powers of crystals, combined with energy healing.

Individual sessions can be booked and, in addition, I offer the following 6 week Crystal Healing Session Packages:

  • Manifestation Vibration
  • Self-Love and Emotional Healing
  • Increased Energy and Positivity
  • Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia


Crystal Manifestation Grids

Crystal Manifestation Grids are an incredibly powerful tool to use when manifesting your desires, goals and intentions.

The power of a Crystal Manifestation Grid comes from the union of energies created between the crystals, sacred geometry and your intention.

The combination of the power of crystals, in a geometric pattern and often including Platonic solids greatly strengthen your focused intention to manifest results much quicker.


“Since I met Jade last year for a Crystal Grid to help me manifest, my life has completely changed. I found my dream home, own a business and am very happy with everything in my life.

I see her every week for a Crystal Healing now and with her help I stay in high vibration which allows me to manifest like a mofo!”

  • Geraldine, Ibiza

How to use Crystals to free yourself from anxiety & Worry online course

Imagine if there was a way to manage anxiety and worry which is easy, works quickly, (in some cases instantly), is readily available to everyone without prescription, inexpensive, and doesn’t involve putting chemicals into your body.

What if there was a way to not only treat the symptoms of anxiety, but also work on the underlying emotional causes of it, bringing them to the surface for release?

How would it feel to take back control of your life and have the tools to hand to deal with anxiety and worry and then get back to living life?

Empower yourself and take control of your emotions by discovering how you can use crystals to free yourself today.


distant healing crystal grid & Reiki healing

Are you, a friend or loved one going through a tough time emotionally at the moment and are looking for some support and healing?

Perhaps you’re struggling after a recent break-up or divorce, or working on increasing your self-love, self-belief and self-worth?

Maybe you’re feeling run-down following illness, burned-out, pessimistic or drained in energy and need some vitality and motivation?

My Distant Healing Crystal Grid & Reiki Healing package is tailored to your unique situation to give whatever support you are needing right now.


Energetic Space Clearing

Think of how much time you spend in your home. You’re immersed in the energy in your space for hours on end.

What kind of energy do you want to be around?

Energetic Space Clearing is just as important to do regularly as physical house cleaning, especially when you’re setting new goals, to clear out old energy to make way for the new.


Booking Your Session

If you’d like to discuss working with me please give me a call on (+34) 692 577 303 or send me a message here.

Alternatively, you can simply purchase your crystal session or package and I will contact you to arrange your appointment.