Hello, my name is Jade Marsh and I’m a Crystalaholic!

For the whole of my life I’ve avidly collected, passionately hunted, excitedly bought, and wholeheartedly LOVED crystals!

As a child I delighted in discovering and collecting sparkly rocks and, later, progressed onto collecting crystals to work with on myself. 

Although I worked in the corporate world in London, I secretly harbored a desire to lead a simple life and work with crystals, but at that time I simply didn’t know how I could achieve this.

Fast forward a few years and I stumbled upon an angel workshop organised by Jackie Winters, owner of The British Academy of Crystal Healing, and felt called to sign-up. 

After the most incredible experience of actually ‘using’ crystals, and discovering that she offered a two year diploma in The Art of Crystal Healing, I signed-up on the spot.

I also booked my first crystal healing session and after experiencing the most powerful and transformational healing session with her, I knew I had made the right decision – I simply had to learn how to do this myself!

After completing a fascinating two years of study in the many facets (pun intended) of crystals and healing, completing my Reiki degrees, and following a series of synchronicities, I moved to the magical island of Ibiza in 2013 and founded Spirit Crystal Academy.

I now offer crystal healing sessions and crystal guidance & coaching sessions, create bespoke crystal manifestation grids, and offer a full crystal consultancy service to individuals and businesses.

I run regular crystal manifestation grid workshops and teach people how they can use crystals in their everyday lives.

Last year I founded Ibiza Rock Club where I teach children how to use crystals to help them navigate the challenges of this wonderful world. These workshops are held at retreats and events around the island, and also at Generations Inspired Kid’s Retreats.



I have written a book – How to use Crystals to Manifest Your Goals – which is available to buy on Amazon, showing how crystals can be used throughout the manifestation process. I am now in the process of writing my second book – The Power of Crystal Manifestation Grids – which will be available this autumn.

Along with writing for various publications, I also regularly write for Soul & Spirit Magazine in the UK.

I’ve recently written two online courses ~ How To Use Crystals To Free Yourself From Anxiety & Worry and How To Use Crystals For Energetic Protection.

I studied at The British Academy of Crystal Healing and hold an Advanced Diploma in The Art of Crystal Healing. 

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher in the Tibetan Usui tradition and teach both adults and children.

I’m based in Santa Eulalia, on the East coast of the island, and work primarily with clients at my home and online.  I also regularly visit Glastonbury in the UK where I offer a limited number of appointments.

How can you work with me?

If you’d like to discuss working with me then please call me on (+34) 692 577 303 or send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.