Do you choose the crystal, or does the crystal choose you?

If you are buying from a rock shop you’ll find you have an urge to touch one particular crystal and hold it. If you are looking at a group of crystals, there will be one which appears to stand out and catch your attention and this one will be the right vibrational match for you.

The same principle applies when you are buying online – you’ll find you’re drawn to one particular listing. That’s your intuition telling you that’s your crystal.

If you would prefer to ‘actively’ choose your crystal, then you can look up the type of stone suitable for your purpose, either in a book or in the many resources available online.

Once you have this information, then you can hand-sense over a group of them, use a pendulum, or take each one in your receptive hand (opposite to the one you write with) and physically feel how it interacts with your energetic field.

When you get your crystals home then you’ll need to cleanse them from any vibrations they will have picked up on their journey to you.

There are a number of ways of cleansing your crystal buddies and they vary depending upon the hardness, roughness, and type of mineral you have.

Two simple and safe ways I recommend for all crystals and gemstone jewellery are sound vibration and smudging.

You can pop them into a singing bowl or use tingsha cymbals or tuning forks over them.

To smudge your crystals I recommend Palo Santo wood, white sage or copal incense. Simply hold your crystals in the smoke for as long as you feel necessary and visualize the smoke washing away any negative vibrations which could be held within the crystal’s energy field.

If you are Reiki attuned then you can cleanse them this way too – simply draw the power symbol over them and intend they are cleansed with Reiki energy.

Your crystal buddies should be cleansed regularly – at least once a week – and as you sensitize to crystal energy you will learn to feel when they need cleansing.

Every month pop your crystals outside to charge in the light of the full moon. This is not simply a myth – once you get used to sensing crystal energy you will be able to feel the difference in them after a full moon bath. Their colours will also appear more vibrant.

Crystals with a masculine energy, such as Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Pyrite, Citrine, can be charged in sunlight. As some crystals can fade if they are left in direct sunlight, then charging them in the light of the full moon is, in my opinion, the safest method.