Crystal Guidance Sessions - via Skype or in person - are a combination of intuitive coaching and practical, easy-to-follow crystal advice.  Each session is tailored to your unique situation, with the aim of achieving your desired outcome.

Individual sessions can be booked and, in addition, I offer the following 6 Weekly Crystal Guidance Session Packages:

  • Manifest Your Goals
  • Self-Love and Emotional Healing
  • Increased Energy and Positivity
  • Energetic Protection

Manifest Your Goals

Whether you're looking to manifest your dream home, financial freedom, or the love of your life, I'll show you how crystals can help you achieve it.

Learn how to use crystals to maintain a high vibration throughout the manifestation process, along with specific recommendations for your particular situation.

Self-Love and Emotional Healing

This package is for you if you have recently experienced a relationship break-up or would like to work on your self-belief, self-esteem and self-love.

Increased Energy and Positivity

If you're feeling run-down, pessimistic or drained in energy then this package is for you. Discover how to use crystals to increase your physical vitality, optimism and joy for life.

Energetic Protection

This package is for you if you are dealing with negativity or jealousy and are looking to learn how to use crystals for psychic protection.  Discover the ways negativity can manifest as physical illness, identify psychic attack symptoms and learn how to create an energetic shield of protection.



Crystal Guidance sessions are priced at 70 euros for 45 minutes. When booked as a package of 6, you will receive a 10% discount, email access to me between sessions, plus a Book of Crystal Affirmations, and a copy of my book How to use Crystals to Manifest Your Goals.

Individual Crystal Guidance Session

Crystal Guidance Sessions - Package of 6

"My session with Jade was truly amazing.  Following her advice has made huge differences in my life on many levels! If you would like advice on the best crystals to help with your situation you need to book a session with Jade NOW!"

  • Ryan Lock, London


"Jade has a particularly gentle and fun way in communicating her intuitive guidance using crystals. She explains the what, why and how of using crystals. I would definitely recommend working with Jade to unclog the problematic areas of your life and living."

  • LC, UK


If you'd like to discuss working with me please give me a call on (+34) 692 577 303 or send me a message here.

Alternatively, you can simply purchase your Crystal Guidance Session or Package and I will contact you to arrange your appointments.