It’s not just us who benefit from drinking Rose Quartz infused water ~ give some to your plants too! They grow faster, bushier and just look happier.

But don’t take my word for it ~ try it for yourself!

Fill a jug with ordinary tap water and pop a couple of Rose Quartz tumblestones in, leave overnight and then give them their special drink the following morning whilst you’re sipping your coffee.

Following on from the above post about using Rose Quartz in water, a beautiful friend asked me if it was safe to immerse other crystals in water. The answer is no ~ many crystals contain minerals which can be toxic if ingested.

If you’re going to make your own crystal waters ~ which are amazing btw ~ then some safe options to use are Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Citrine and Amethyst. Don’t be afraid to mix them up to find which work, (and taste) best for you.

Other crystal waters can be created using the indirect method.

A list of toxic crystals is below.

I’ve also created a pdf version so if anyone would like a copy then send me a message and I’ll be happy to share it.

List of Toxic Crystals

Actinolite ~ asbestos 

Adamite ~ arsenic and copper

Ajoite ~ aluminium and copper 

Alexandrite ~ aluminium 

Amazonite ~ copper 

Aquamarine ~ aluminium 

Auricalcite ~ zinc and copper 

Azurite ~ copper

Bixbite ~ aluminium 

Black Tourmaline ~ aluminium 

Boji stones ~ sulphur 

Bronchantite ~ copper 

Celestite ~ strontium 

Chalcantite ~ copper 

Chalcopyrite ~ copper and sulphur 

Cinnabar ~ mercury 

Conicalcite ~ copper 

Copper ~ poisonous 

Covellite ~ copper and sulphur 

Chrysocolla ~ copper 

Cuprite ~ copper 

Dioptase ~ copper 

Dumortierite ~ aluminium 

Emerald ~ aluminium 

Fluorite ~ fluorine 

Garnet ~ aluminium 

Garnierite ~ nickel 

Gem Silica ~ copper 

Galena ~ lead (almost 90%)

Goshenite ~ aluminium 

Hematite ~ iron, will rust

Heliodor ~ aluminium 

Iolite ~ aluminium 

Kunzite ~ aluminium 

Labradorite ~ aluminium 

Lapis Lazuli ~ Pyrite inclusions (sulphur)

Lepidolite ~ aluminium 

Magnetite ~ iron, will rust

Malachite ~ copper 

Marcasite ~ sulphur 

Mohawkite ~ copper and arsenic 

Moldavite ~ aluminum oxide 

Moonstone ~ aluminium 

Morgenite ~ aluminium 

Orpiment ~ arsenic 

Quantum Quattro Silica ~ copper 

Pietersite ~ asbestos 

Prehnite ~ aluminium 

Psiomelan ~ barium 

Pyrite ~ sulphur 

Realgar ~ arsenic 

Ruby ~ aluminium 

Sapphire ~ aluminium 

Selenite ~ tiny shards may break off 

Serpentine ~ asbestos 

Smithsonite ~ zinc and copper 

Sodalite ~ aluminium 

Spinel ~ aluminium 

Staurolite ~ aluminium 

Stibnite ~ lead and antimony 

Stilbite ~ aluminium 

Sugilite ~ aluminium 

Sulphur ~ poisonous 

Tanzanite ~ aluminium 

Tiger’s Eye ~ asbestos 

Topaz ~ aluminium 

Torbenite ~ radioactive 

Tourmaline ~ aluminium 

Tremolite ~ asbestos 

Turquoise ~ copper and aluminium 

Vanadinite ~ lead

Variscite ~ aluminium 

Vesuvianite ~ aluminium 

Wavellite ~ aluminium

Wulfenite ~ lead and molybdenum 

Zircon ~ zirconium, radioactive 

Zoisite ~ aluminium