Energetic Space Clearing

Think of how much time you spend in your home. You’re immersed in the energy in your space for hours on end.

What kind of energy do you want to be around?

Energetic Space Clearing is just as important to do regularly as physical house cleaning, especially when you’re setting new goals, to clear out old energy to make way for the new.

All houses are different and each situation requires different attention, depending on who or what needs to be cleared, and where.

Whilst it’s good practice to conduct Energetic Space Clearing on a regular basis, there are times when it is important to carry out a clearing and protection ritual, including the following:

  • When moving into a new home
  • Prior to listing a house for sale
  • After a divorce
  • After a party or gathering when lots of people have come into your space
  • After a family member or roommate moves out
  • After a major illness
  • After a major argument
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of negativity or psychic attack
  • After creating new goals for yourself or your family

Although every situation is different, an Energetic Clearing Session usually takes around 90 minutes and comprises the following:

  • Initial discussion
  • Intuitive Energetic Space Clearing using a combination of resins, woods, oils, sage, sound, salt, Reiki and crystals
  • Discussion of findings
  • Energetic protection, if necessary
  • Energetic and crystal recommendations

Energetic Space Clearing is priced at 125 euros.

Energetic Space Clearing

booking your session

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