Blue Kyanite

As we’re fast approaching the new moon in Leo this coming Wednesday along with the final days of Mercury Retrograde, staying in our centre and remaining emotionally balanced will be key to life running smoothly.

If you’re looking for some crystalline assistance during this time then you might find these four helpful ~ Rose Quartz, Blue Kyanite, Red Jasper, and Black Tourmaline.

Wearing or carrying Rose Quartz keeps us in a vibration of harmony ~ supporting us through the process of understanding and integrating the lessons which the Universe/Youniverse has recently served us. Use its comforting energy during the release of any situations, emotions or patterns of behaviour you are wishing to free yourself from.

Black Tourmaline works to keep us grounded and protected within our own space and helps us to both set and enforce energetic boundaries. This is particularly important when you’re processing and integrating new information and downloads, which, for me, have been coming thick and fast recently! 😊

Red Jasper keeps our life force strong and vital, giving us a boost of physical energy, and also helps us to remain grounded and centered during this period. Carry or wear during the day, but put it down a few hours before/if you want to sleep.

Blue Kyanite quickly and powerfully aligns all of our chakras and balances our masculine and feminine energies. It works to clear any energetic blocks we may be holding and restores the flow of energy within the body.

If you’re having trouble sleeping around this time, or indeed at any time, then a Lepidolite crystal under your pillow works a charm.

If the Retrogrades are treating you well and you feel like working with the fiery Leo energy of this new moon, then Carnelian will help keep you firing on all cylinders. Especially if you team it with Red Jasper and Orange Calcite. Boom!

And, don’t forget, the new moon is a perfect time to set new intentions for the coming month, and to create a crystal grid to support your work.

Selenite Desert Rose

People are always asking me what happens if a crystal breaks. 

My usual answer?

Well, you now have two. 

Or three. 

Or four…. 😉

Seriously, it can mean just that.

I remember when my favourite Nirvana Quartz broke in two. Initially I was upset, but later I realized I could use it in healing sessions – one at the heart and one at the third eye. It’s incredibly powerful.

So the next time one of your beloved crystals breaks, think about why you could be in need of more than one of it. 

BTW if you’ve always wanted to know what the inside of a Desert Rose looks like, here is one I broke earlier 😉

Pink Power!

Pink Opal is rapidly becoming one of my favourite crystals to work with ~ both for myself and clients.

With a calming and peaceful energy, it softly brings to the surface emotions held in the heart. Use with Rose Quartz to support gentle release of past traumas, stress and tension.

If you’re looking for a more sweet-tempered alternative to Malachite then this is it!

A reminder that soft and gentle can be powerful too… 🌸

Cleansing Moonstones at the beach

“Moonstone is the gem of the High Priestess, keeper of the feminine mysteries.” ~ Robert Simmons

This dreamy-looking crystal helps us to connect with our inner goddess – and embrace her once we’ve found her.

Moonstone enhances the intuitive side of the mind and can take us into a deeper understanding of where any self-defeating patterns and behaviours may originate. It offers support whilst we work through the process of change, if change is what we desire.

Working with Moonstone will gently and calmly reveal to you your inner feminine power and capabilities. Coming to terms with how amazing you actually are sets the tone for everything else in your life!

If you’re a highly-emotional person and have a tendency to react – or overreact – in certain situations, Moonstone will help you to remain balanced, calm and patient. It gives insight and perspective, which can help you to act from a place of love and balanced emotions.

My top tips for working with Moonstone for self-love:

▫️ Wanting to connect with your inner goddess? Find a gorgeous necklace with a combination of Rose Quartz or Aquamarine or pop a few tumblestones inside your bra. Voila!

▫️ Struggling with keeping a lid on your emotions at ‘that’ time of the month? Moonstone helps to balance hormones, and along with calming your nerves, could save you from a potential ‘foot in mouth’ moment.

▫️ Having trouble drifting off into sleep? Place Moonstones under your pillow for soothing and sweet dreams.

▫️ Having one of ‘those’ days? Take yourself off for a lie down in a darkened room, pausing just long enough to scoop up 5 Moonstone crystals as you go. Place the largest one above – and touching – your head, two more at your hips – one either side – in the groove where they join your body, and two at your tensed-up shoulders – in the dip where your arms join the rest of you. Aaaaaand relax. All will be well in the world in about, ooooh, 20 minutes.

Stilbite sunbathing in my garden

If you love Rose Quartz then you’ll looooove Stilbite!

The soft and gentle energy of this pretty Zeolite brings about a profound sense of serenity and calm.

I affectionately call it the Bliss Stone as it carries the vibration of love and peace, and gently harmonizes both the Heart and Sacral chakras. It is a stronger, more grounding energy to Rose Quartz, but don’t take my word for it ~ try it for yourself.

One of the ways I like to work with it is to lie with it on my heart Chakra whilst listening to Solfeggio frequency music ~ 528hz is a favourite. Then I like to expand this energy outwards (through visualization or with my hands) to encompass the whole of my energy body and outwards as far as I can. This is also a gorgeous energy to send as a distance healing.

How do you like to work with Stilbite?

Pyrite power!

What to do when youʼve Lost your Mojo (Itʼs around here somewhere…)

If youʼre anything like me then you have no problem starting things. Itʼs getting them finished that I struggle with.

If you find yourself charging towards that shiny new goal like your pants are on fire but then, a couple of weeks down the line, your motivation is smoking less than you are, get those embers stoked again with some Pyrite in those pants.

This crystal dynamo will not only get you fired up but KEEP you going when your get up and go has had the nerve to actually get up and go. It will also give you kick- ass confidence in your ability to achieve, which, as we all know, is vital in the manifestation game.

Pyriteʼs masculine energy boosts even the scrawniest of willpowers so it will really help you to stay the distance. And, with self-discipline and determination – and crystal power – anything is possible.

My top tips for working with Pyrite for manifestation:

▫️ Carry some Pyrite in your pocket. Simple. If your mojo has completely deserted you then throw a couple of Tigersʼ Iron tumblestones in with it and youʼll be on your wahey!

▫️ Place a large Pyrite cluster on top of your goal list to cultivate an attitude of wealth, abundance and success

▫️ Take four Pyrite cubes and grid your working area. You’ll be sitting in a grid of prosperity, strength and manifestation! Kapow!

▫️ Find yourself a Pyrite bracelet and wear it on your left wrist. This will help bring out your inner tiger mentality and strengthen your masculine qualities of ambition, determination and ACTION. Rawrrr!

Most people know Citrine is the crystal for abundance (and if you didnʼt, WHY didnʼt you?) then they simply buy it, plonk it down on their desk and wait for the money to start rolling in. (Extra points – and smug grin – awarded if youʼve consulted a feng shui chart and placed it in the wealth sector of your home).

Citrine vibrates with the energy of increase and is known as the health, wealth and happiness stone. It magnifies your powers of magnetism and manifestation.


As a premier Solar Plexus stimulator, working with its energy increases your confidence, personal power and determination. It encourages you to believe in yourself which is vital in the game of manifestation.

As Citrine also energizes the Sacral chakra, it increases creativity and imagination and encourages you to think big. If you’re looking for a crystal to super-charge your visualizations, then this is it.

My top tips for working with Citrine for manifestation:

▫️ Keep a Citrine crystal in your purse and it’ll never be empty. When I first read this I was a little sceptical. But I’m happy to report it’s been over two years now and so far so good! What have you got to lose?

▫️ For unstoppable self- confidence and powers of magnetism wear Citrine jewellery. If you can find a piece which also includes Tiger’s Eye then even better.

▫️ Create a crystal grid around your goal list using a Citrine centre point or cluster and amplify its energy with 6 Clear Quartz points. Adding some Peridot stones to your grid will also up the prosperity and abundance vibe.

▫️ Using the principles of Feng Shui, place a Citrine cluster in the wealth corner of your home and let it do its thing. Remember to pop it outside to charge in the full moon each month and it will radiate its positive and joyful vibrations every day. Boom!

Rose Quartz ~ stone of love

Love yourself people. Cos seriously, youʼre fabulous!

If youʼre struggling to look at yourself that way, Rose Quartz is not known as the ‘stone of loveʼ for nothing my friends. This is THE crystal for self-love and, as itʼs a member of the Quartz family, can be used in a variety of ways, and can safely be immersed in water too.

Bathe with it, drink water energised and softened by it, carry it, keep it in your car, sleep with it (you know you wanna), and wear it with reckless abandon.

This crystal is, in my opinion, seriously underestimated and I use it every single day. In fact, one is nestled inside my bra right now. So ease off with the hugs today, if you donʼt mind. Thanks.

My top tips for working with Rose Quartz for self-love:

▫️ Pop one inside your bra (left boob) for a comforting energetic hug all day long. It’s a cuddle in a stone.

▫️ Drop a few tumblestones into a bottle of water and sip throughout the day. It makes the water taste softer and is really calming.

▫️ Add some chunks to a Rose-scented bubble bath. Don’t forget that you’ve put them in there though or you’ll be jumping out quicker than you jumped in – ask me how I know…

▫️Grid your bed with one in each corner and place one under your pillow for soothing, sweet dreams.

▫️ Give yourself a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage using a Rose Quartz massage wand. Or bribe someone else to. This feels soooo good and will not only leave you with a rosy glow, but loving the whole world too.

▫️ And, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, buy a bottle of your favourite Rose, uncork, drop a few tiny tumblestones in and voila! Comfort in a (wine) glass. Cheers!