“To me Jade’s crystal healing sessions are amazing, magical and healing. That’s way I had several sessions. I really recommend others to experience her sessions.

The first time I came I felt that mind was very busy, and it was difficult to ground and focus on the things I wanted to focus on. I explained her and she really took time to listen and asked questions.

I laid down and as she put the crystals on several places on my body the energy started flowing. Then she started using Reiki and the intensity of the energy rose. I was able to let go old pain and tears started flowing. During the sessions I also got some visions and insight about things in my life. And after I felt happy and aligned.

Another time I felt quite restless and I could let go some of the fire of being irritated. I could let go again and after I felt lighter and myself! It was the perfect reset I really needed in that moment.

I can say her energy works on a profound level, because afterwards I felt more in touch with my self, calm and flowing at the same time. I had released some old not serving emotions of past experiences.

Jade’s knowledge and intuition about crystals are synergy coming together. She shows us the miracles nature gives us for healing. 

Con amor I thank you Jade! You are a wonderful human being.”

  • Elise, Ibiza

“I had an amazing crystal healing session with Jade, I always felt attraction with crystals but a session with them was something totally new for myself.

During the session I felt a beautiful healing energy and that was really reassuring, I really felt loved, safe and comfortable.

Before the session I was asked for my intention for the session and afterwards I have received detailed explanations and guidance.

At the end I was really happily surprised to see all the crystals Jade has used during the session on a table and that was really awesome.

I was also suggested to keep with me 3 crystals to settle that beautiful energy and for a few days after I was still feeling the healing.

Jade has a lot of knowledge about crystals and what she does is truly amazing, I really recommend that experience to everybody.

Thank you so much”

  • Silvia, Ibiza

“For those wishing to get better acquainted with working with crystals get in touch with Jade. In this day and age when everyone is being all ‘new age’ and ‘spiritual’ she is the real deal!

Humble, knowledgeable and genuinely intuitive she can guide you in a non fluffy way.

If you are Ibiza based go and see her in person.”

  • Marina, UK

“Jade has a particularly gentle and fun way in communicating her intuitive guidance using crystals. She explains the what, why and how of using crystals. I would definitely recommend working with Jade to unclog the problematic areas of your life and living.”

  • Linda, UK

“Dear Jade, you have already helped me so much! Making beautiful grids to manifest and the healings you give me work like magic! Every time I feel light, happy, at ease, confident and  it is like I’m floating on air.”

  • Geraldine, Ibiza

“To say I’m totally blown away by Jade and her amazing work with crystals would be an understatement of epic proportions!

I recently found myself in what can only be described as a financial nightmare and facing the very real risk of losing my home.  When I went to see Jade, I was in complete panic with no idea which way to turn.  She asked me to think of a sum of money that would help lessen the pressure and then created a crystal grid with that amount programmed in.  Within less than a week, the exact amount was sitting in my bank account!! An utterly unexpected solution to all my problems presented itself in a way I could never have envisioned or orchestrated in a hundred years!

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gift, Jade.  There are no words to describe how grateful I am for my life having been steered so beautifully and magically back on track.”

  • Jeanette, Ibiza

“Jade… thanks for this beautiful journey!!! So glad you shared all your nice energy, your knowledge and your passion for crystals!! So happy to have my personalized crystal grid full of good intention at home!! I can feel it’s energy!! The energy of manifestation is all around!!! Much love and thank you so much.”

  • Ivana, Ibiza

How to use Crystals to Manifest Your Goals – the book

“What I love about your book, Jade, is its simplicity and neatness, yet it contains all the inexperienced crystal lover needs to get the best information to use crystals effectively and enjoy them.

Clear, concise and witty explanation, a beautiful book, beautifully written in a style that has the reader laughing and wanting more.  I loved reading it and it will be my crystal bible.”

  • Linda, Kent


I enjoyed reading this book!!! And I will read it over and over again. The way the author broke down and explained each crystals use and with such realness and humor, was what made this book so amazing!

Amazon review

I LOVE IT!!! Great read. Sassy. Funny. Informative. Makes me wanna stick one in me knickers (crystal that is!!)

Really hoping it ends up in the hands of many!”

  • Johanna, Blackpool